Health In Mind

School Lunch Programs in 2018

Carmela Marie is pleased to offer healthy school lunches beginning 2018 via a nutritious lunch program to local schools, early childhood centers, daycares and camps in the Hartford area. Our goal is to provide students and faculty an opportunity to make healthier choices throughout their day. 

School lunch programs can be customized to fit individual needs and budget. Meals are designed to be nutritious, well-balanced, and kid-friendly. Menus also include healthy snacks and beverages. Contact us to learn more! 

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John Salerno, Owner 

Betsy Tooker, President

John Frisell, Grocery Manager

Edward Kleszcz, Executive Chef 

Ed loved to cook as a young Boy Scout and from spending time with his grandparents, who sparked his interest in food. His grandfather had a bountiful garden of fruits and vegetables and grew his own corn and peanuts. Ed’s grandmother taught him how to create delicious meals using homegrown fresh produce and herbs. As a Boy Scout and working his way up to Eagle Scout, Ed  experienced cooking in various situations, not only for fun but for survival. Cooking in the wilderness over an open fire still remains one of Ed’s fondest memories.

Ed attended a technical high school where he studied Graphic Communications while working in restaurants that nourished his interest in food. After earning an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Newbury College in Massachusetts, Ed became a full-time restaurant employee upon graduation.

Additionally, Ed earned a Certificate of Completion from CT Culinary Institute and worked for a Marriott hotel cooking and catering. Subsequently Ed became the AM Sous Chef for The Farms Country Club. Ed later traveled to Belgium to work for two different restaurants, De Lozen Boer and Vazquez. During this time in Europe, Ed cooked for restaurants, catered banquets, learned pulling sugar techniques and creative desserts.

Ed’s career in Culinary Arts and Baking spans over 25 years working for hotels, markets, nursing homes, country clubs, corporate facilities and great restaurants in the U.S., and abroad. He is passionate about cooking whether it’s for 1000 people or a quiet family dinner at home. 

T: 860.628.8794